Friday, January 10, 2014

ツ nice to know you.

I just wanna close my past and start a new one.  
I am nurhanisa bt ahmad fadzil.

malamhariyangsunyi ^^

Assalammualaikum. Mood nak menaip da datang. └(^o^)┘ *semangat.

Ni minggu final. Alhamdulillah, 3 papers dah lepas. and 3 more upcoming killer papers.
Homesick mmang tak ingat dunia dah sekarang. Countdown untuk balik je. Sungguhlah indah masa di rumah. Ada family semua. Ye lah kan, everyone would complaint about your bad attitude. But family is always the one who support and see only nice thing on you. Alhamdulillah for such a great le familiaa ^^…
Nisa wanna say more and more things. I ♥ to write so much, but not everything we feel is needed to be express in public. Just i miss u so badly ♬ツ thankiyu.
Pernah dengar tak, yang kalau kita ada nak express some emotion, write it down on a piece of paper and tear it up. It would be a relief. Tapi nisa suka tulis dan simpan. So, itu tak boleh pakai. Haha. Such a mess. Apa pun. Glad to have what i had now and after. Alhamdulillah.ت be grateful !