Thursday, March 14, 2013


what do you look for  ? who do you stare ? where do you live ? why i am change .?
too many words and phrases make the world twisting and my head just gonna blown up within any minutes .
stop the drama , stop the movie . please stop and focus on what are you searching for miss ! it i s never too late to change beside , there is no reason for a person to be left behind if they really want to change . 
why i am writing these up ? this is not the things i am really want to write , actually . these past day , was a really hard day . nobody can understand it . is 19 just a number or a stepping stone for me to be woman ? whew, never wonder it can be too fast . in making write decision, choosing stuff , planning the days , i had been thinking it was hard enough , but yet i am wrong ! totally :D Am i that bad ? never plan to be bad . always want to be good . friends, thank you for cheering my day up . u are the candle , and please to stay still . i would never let you melt :'(

  • please , dear, lead me to the right path . 
  • let me be your shoulders now and always . myself :) 
  • thank you for been with me all this time . 

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