Saturday, February 9, 2013

now my world turn upside down . heart become trembling hardly. keep on thinking of everything happen around me. friends, family, class, ouh my world. :)) i need to plan the schedule perfectly . HAHA . heart . i will try to keep u calm . please give full cooperation. do not easily jump onto the trap ! or you might threatened . 

sincerely, i do fall after i know you clearly . i accept it with who you are . not you pretend to be. you nerd ? HAHA . funny things to me. in fact i am not choosy type. responsible is the most important aspect i think . next is manner. how you treat a person. and how you cares about others. it is all important aspect that we need to focus on. people without humanity is a ___________. you might want to fill it. i do not want to criticize. make it easily . relation is not a thing that we can take and give. but, you need to keep, care, and never give up with it. u took the responsibility to take. so, continue with it ^^ only marriage is the solution . say NO to couple . you done such many things before your marriage , you know so many things before it. so what you want to expect? life is a journey tat you will travel it in your own way . plan it. and you will love it . i hope i can choose the right person . 

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