Tuesday, May 8, 2012

salam. blogger. :0 it is a lot of fun. cannot be describe in words. :) siriously, i got Universiti Islam Antarabangsa Malaysia for my UPU. :) alhamdulillah. sngt seronok untuk dpat ap yang kite pilih. :) inilah keajaiban. tak semestinye sume yang berlaku takde hikmah. walaupun ak dh msuk UTM , ak ta rase die kerugian. well i learnt on how to belajar kat uni. tade lah ak enjoy sngt naty kan. memain segala kat kuliah :0 i got asasi bahasa inggeris. good girl. i check here :)
 by the way, i am still thinking to stay or leave. well. nobody know the answer yet. but my heart is telling harshly to take the course. what should i do? please do help me with clue. istikharah may be the best way . aminn :) only HE knew the best.

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