Saturday, April 21, 2012

salam. hai. blog
today. my topic is about love. well, i am a teen so please do not annoyed with what i am saying.
peeps always expecting love while they do not really realize about the TRUE LOVE around them.
the creator's love, our prophet, our family and also their friends love. despite of it, there are many person around who really love them. why do we need a love from opposite sex? yes, i do admit that the LOVE is exist and we cannot deny it. but it is the secret of LOVE. u need to fight for it :) your heart must really though enough to block the bad terms in love . what can i say for a couple compare to uncouple. there is more challenging for those who not couple cause they need to hold their feelings to meet their partner. to call them. to meet. and many things. it is prove that person who are love by their creators would have more challenges in their life :)
so use your brain to think. and please do not get lied without use your mind thoughts :))

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