Saturday, April 14, 2012

salam. dear. bloggie. nak share sumtink. nah amik ni :)

here it is. family is everything. sometimes. people think it in easy way that family is a waste. bla. bla. bla. n blaaaaaa. when u found sumone in your life. directly say your boyfie. hey, dude. did u realise that your family wanna give the best fr you?? which mother who want to destroy her own children when she had suffer for many months just to born you in just a few hours. peeps, think it !! sometimes, father would stop us to do thing that we like. i knew it. ( i also feel the same). when i sit n i think with my head. oh. alhamdulillah. there's always a cloud in every silver lining n so on. haha. not all of our own decisions made is fully trusted. sometimes, let the senior to help us :) alhamdulillah. i have an happy family :)

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