Monday, February 27, 2012

ouh sesaja.

Hei, dearly mesmerize blog. It’s been so long since I am busy ‘studying’. Haha. Can I use those words if I am not doing that. You know me well. I am not good in study. Never been so ‘pulun’ in study. What ashamed = =||. But. Thanks to ALLAH that he has gave me the opportunity to continue my study here.. Now I am realize that the life had been so good to me. Did I done the same? Oh no. please HANISA realize it, are you repaying this wonderful life by being a good person doing a good deed?? Perhaps there is a little then none ||= =|| I have my family whose love me. Care for me. Big happy family. Have all my beautiful n handsome friends who are always being with me in rain and sunny. Oh ALLAH. Thanks for everything. I felt praised to HIM for all this gift. I hope now he can let my next wishes come true. i am really want a miracle happen in my life. Not with wealthy or anything. Daaaa. But it is something that I can bring it to the dayafter. Where we all stay there forever. A world where we are paid for all our deeds. I want to be someone who success there. Just not in my life now. But the important is that day. I very afraid that I am failed on that day although now I can proudly said. I am success. But how I could facing all the people out there during that day to say, I AM A FAILURE IN BEING A GOOD MUSLIMAH. I am really confident now that I am never thought of this before. And why I am saying this to you now? Because I think this is the right time. When should i wake up from the reality that my life since the day I was born was planned to have its own target? I need to aim for the ‘day’. I need to prepare everything for that day :D Alhamdulillah i have been given the time to motivate myself. The time to realise. Not everyone have the chance but not all the people dare to change: D

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